3 Reasons Perfume Samples Make Finding Fragrance More Pleasurable

3 Reasons Perfume Samples Make Finding Fragrance More Pleasurable
Has a new scent caught your eye? Maybe you were drawn in by a note similar to what you currently wear, or maybe by the thrill of trying something totally outside your comfort zone.

Whatever the reason, going from finding a new scent to purchasing that scent can be daunting when there’s a risk of not loving the product. 

In functional 2ml bottles, samples present a low stakes method for finding your perfect scent before investing in a full bottle. The sooner you start trying samples, the sooner you replace any stress on your fragrance discovery journey with ease and excitement.

But we do promise one thing: once you find the scent that speaks to you, you’ll be hooked. 
The Most Important Rule of Fragrance: Always Try it on Your Skin
We’ve all been there: you purchase a fragrance after loving it on a friend or after sampling it in-store on a tester card. But when you spray it on yourself, the fragrance suddenly doesn’t smell the same. The reason for this is your skin chemistry. No fragrance will smell exactly the same on two sources.

The most important rule when purchasing fragrance is to test it on your skin first. Don’t assume how it smells on a tester card or another person is how it will smell on you. Our samples provide approximately 30-35 sprays per bottle, which allows you to conduct multiple trials and eliminate any surprises before deciding which scent you want to buy full-size.

Make Sure it Hits All The Right Notes
You’ll notice that each Commodity scent is broken down by its different notes: First, Then and Finally. We’ve done away with industry jargon of “top, heart and base” notes to make them more intuitive, based on the sequence in which you smell them.

Fragrances evolve over the wearing period, so the notes you uncover at First spray aren’t what you’ll Finally detect hours later. Before purchasing a fragrance, it’s important to make sure you love your scent throughout the day as much as you did immediately upon application.

Assess your fragrance and see if you can pick up on the evolving notes throughout the day. Once you’ve completed your review, ensure that these are the drydown notes that you want your scent to convey. 

Wait—did you forget to spray this morning or do you want to reevaluate the First note? An added convenience of a sample is their functionality: you can carry it in your pocket or purse and reapply as needed.
Decide Who Gets to Experience Your Fragrance with Scent Space
Although your opinion is paramount when choosing a fragrance, sampling it will also help you gauge the reactions of those around you. Do you long for a scent that will have your partner leaning in a little closer? Or do you want to make a statement that will have strangers doing a double-take when you walk by?

Not only do fragrance samples let you find your perfect scent, but with Commodity you get to decide how your scent interacts with those around you:

  • Personal Scent Space is reserved for you and those you allow close. These are lighter, more ethereal versions of our fragrances.
  • An Expressive Scent Space can be shared with those around you without overwhelming the area. These are the fan-favorite fragrances in their iconic forms.
  • As the name suggests, a Bold Scent Space is recommended for those who want to turn heads as soon as they enter a room. These are amplified versions of our fragrances with added darker, richer and more exotic notes.

Discover your next fragrance with a sample set of the Personal, Expressive or Bold Scent Space, or rediscover a favorite with our Exploration set.

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