Genderless Fragrance For Women: Explore The Top 4 Scents For Her

Genderless Fragrance For Women: Explore The Top 4 Scents For Her

Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Cologne, Eau de Cologne, Extrait, Pour Homme, Pour Femme, Fougere, Sillage... 

At Commodity, we’re doing away with all of this industry jargon. Our goal is to shift fragrance shopping from a complex, sometimes-overwhelming experience to a straightforward one.

Step One: Removing the Guesswork

We’re saying goodbye to unnecessary terms like “Concentration” and “EDP” when it comes to a woman finding her scent.

Did you know that individual brands can define products “Eau de Parfum,” “Eau de Toilette,” “Parfum,” etc. as they see fit? One brand can call an 18% oil concentration an “Eau de Parfum” while another can call the same percentage a “Parfum.”

Moreover, instead of being known for their ambiguous concentrations, “Cologne” and “Perfume” have become used to identify fragrances for men versus women. Not only is this gendered language inaccurate, but it also puts unnecessary boundaries on you possibly discovering your perfect scent.

So let’s agree: men and women wear perfume. Perfume is not a feminine word, just like Cologne is not a masculine word.

Step Two: Industry Disruption

Take control of your scent and your Scent Space.

Our collection of intentionally-designed, elemental scents allows you to intuitively find your favorite fragrance. And for the first time ever—thanks to our coined term of Scent Space—you can now find this fragrance in your ideal strength. Control how far your fragrance projects and how it interacts with those around you.

From subtle to striking, our three Scent Space classifications are Personal, Expressive and Bold. 

  • Looking for a fragrance for a cozy night? Check out our Personal Collection. These scents will only be noticed by you and the ones you allow close, so add a hint of mystery that will have your partner leaning a bit closer.
  • Need a scent for a day at the office? Check out our Expressive Collection. Scents that will be observed by you and those around you. These balance charm and compliments without overwhelming any space.
  • Want an even bigger statement for a night out? Don’t shy away from Bold: scents that will be noticed by everyone in the room. Choose this collection for an irresistibly striking scent.
  • And if you want to try samples of all three Scent Space collections, check out our Exploration Kit

Step Three: Eliminating Gender Labels

That’s right: our fragrances are unisex. You simply decide which scent you like or don’t like. 

Of course, there are more traditionally used notes in “feminine” fragrances: gourmands, lighter skin musks, amber and florals. In contrast, fragrances that target masculine audiences often carry notes of woods, heavy musks, smokes and spices.

Although specific scents may be seen as more masculine or feminine, how they blend together will determine the final impact. So keep in mind that just because a fragrance has earthy Vetiver or Cedarwood doesn’t mean it won’t have the personality you’re looking for.

If you’re gravitating toward these more traditionally feminine notes, here are some scents we recommend:

  • Looking for a softer scent? We recommend Paper-
    • Paper- includes ISO E Super, a warm, ambery ingredient that reacts with your skin chemistry for a completely unique scent experience. The additional note of White Musk sealed in a veil of Crisp Amber lends itself to a slight sweet, ethereal combination. 
  • Looking for a gift she’ll love? Try Gold
    • Dive into Gold, which is warm and rich enough to bathe in. The fragrance will take you on a journey of molten Amber, creamy Musk and sweet Vanilla. A best-selling and must try scent.
  • Looking to turn heads? Explore Milk+
    • Warm notes of Skin Musk, Tonka Bean and Cashmere Woods meet the depth of Firewood and Amber. Sweet yet irresistibly smoky, this isn’t your childhood glass of Milk.
  • Looking to try something new? Give Velvet+ a try
    • Meet the dark side of gourmands (or more edible, dessert-like scents). Vanilla, Roasted Almonds and Crisp Amber are paired with the opulence of Patchouli and Smoke. A head-turning scent that drips with decadence.
  • Looking to try them all? No problem.
    • Our best-selling Scent Space Exploration Kit includes all 3 Scent Space Collections. We did tailor a scent and Scent Space just for you, so discover them all now.

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