The Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide—For Everyone on Your Holiday List

The Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide—For Everyone on Your Holiday List

There’s a certain duality that comes with the holidays. There’s the excitement of spending extra time with loved ones, enjoying the nostalgic traditions, and maybe even cozying up by the fire after a chilly day.

But this time of year also brings bittersweet feelings along with it. There’s the stress over planning the holidays, preparing meals, wrapping gifts, and worrying about how you’ll find the time for it all.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled gifts to delight everyone on your list. This way you can spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time scouring the internet. The best part is that these evergreen scents are wearable year round, so be sure to revisit this guide for any birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations throughout the year when you’re in need of some inspiration.

Commodity Scent Space Exploration Kit, 18-pc. Sample Set (54-160 4040002)

For: the office holiday party, or any occasion for that matter...
Exploration Kit, $64
Add extra excitement to the office White Elephant gift exchange with the Scent Space Exploration Kit. A full introduction to the Personal, Expressive, and Bold Scent Space collections guarantees they’ll find the perfect fit and have fun doing it. With ample amounts of 18 scents, consider this the gift that keeps on giving. 

Commodity Bold Scent Space Discovery Kit, 6-pc. Sample Set (54-159 4043002)

For: the friend who loves turning heads…
Bold Discovery Kit, $44
This 6-fragrance Discovery Kit embodies the confident, unique individual who enjoys making a statement. These maximalist scents will draw the attention of the entire room, with noticeable traces lingering even after they’ve left. Let your giftee find a new head-turning signature within this collection infused with dark, exotic notes.

Commodity Personal Scent Space Discovery Kit, 6-pc. Sample Set (54-158 4042002)

For: someone who’s newer to fragrance…
Personal Discovery Kit, $44
Soft, second-skin scents created for those who like to keep their fragrances to themselves. Perfect for a friend who hasn’t really found their signature scent yet, a parent who prefers lighter scents, or a partner who gets headaches from overpowering aromas.

Commodity Expressive Scent Space Discovery Kit, 6-pc. Sample Set (54-157 4041002)

For: the person you want to impress…
Expressive Discovery Kit, $44
The middle ground between Personal and Bold. These balanced Expressive scents are our bestsellers and the perfect choice for someone you want to charm, like an in-law or a boss, because they’re sure to please those who wear them and those around them.

Paper Scent Space Kit, 3-pc. Sample Set (54-154 4014002)

For: anyone looking for an effortless scent…
Paper Scent Space Kit, $20
This unique, yet effortless scent makes an ideal everyday fragrance for virtually anyone. Warm and woody, it can be enjoyed at work, the gym, and while running errands without becoming a companion they’ll tire of. Plus, you can let your giftee discover their favorite version for themselves.

Book Scent Space Kit, 3-pc. Sample Set (54-151 4011002)

For: the family member who’s impossible to shop for…
Book Scent Space Kit, $20
It’s a bestseller for a reason. Crisp, fresh, and inviting, Book conjures up the moment of reading in an antique library. This fan-favorite—in all 3 Scent Spaces—is a guaranteed hit for even the pickiest person on your list.

P.S.—all of these items are impossible not to love, so you might want to get one for yourself, too.

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