What Are Linear vs. Non-Linear Fragrances?

What Are Linear vs. Non-Linear Fragrances?

The jargon of traditional artisanal fragrance is as complex as the fragrances themselves. In an ongoing effort to rethink and modernize, we’ve broken down what makes artisanal fragrance more complex and how we’re demystifying it—all in the name of a simpler, intuitive luxury for you to enjoy.

Linear vs Non-Linear

In the fragrance world, the terms “linear” and “non-linear” refer to the development of a fragrance over time. A linear fragrance maintains a consistent scent from the moment it’s applied up until it fades.

rose oil

Rose essential oil is an example of a linear scent, with the same Rose note detectable over time.

On the other hand, a non-linear fragrance evolves on the skin over time, revealing different facets and notes at different stages of wear. These fragrances offer a dynamic and multidimensional sensory experience.

First Then Finally
The notes of our bestselling Milk Expressive. All of our fragrances fall into the non-linear category.

Non-linear scents are traditionally described using the “fragrance pyramid” of Top, Heart and Base notes. You can read more about those here.

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