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4 Easy Tricks to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

4 Easy Tricks to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

So you want to make your fragrance last longer? Here are four tips and tricks to get you (and your fragrance) through the day. 

1. Aim for your pulse points

Start the day with 1 or 2 sprays directly on your pulse points. Pulse points are warmer areas of the body and act as natural diffusers when emitting a scent. We recommend spraying your wrists and the sides of your neck. 

For less conventional but still effective areas, try experimenting at the inside of the elbow or the back of the knee.

2. Avoid the front of your neck

The front of your neck is a prime location for Nose Blindness: a phenomenon in which your nose stops detecting the scent. This occurs when your nose figures out that your fragrance isn’t a threat or poisonous, and therefore stops perceiving the scent. 

But don’t worry, other people can still smell your fragrance—and you’ll know as soon as you receive the compliments. 

3. Moisturize, mist, repeat

For longer wear, moisturize your pulse points with an unscented moisturizer. Moisturized skin has been proven to lock-in the scent. 

For extra-long wear, you can also spray your clothes. Just be mindful that the juice is clear or that it isn’t a clothing material that will stain. To get the most effective olfactory experience, we suggest also spraying your fragrance in the air then walking through it waving your clothing in it.

4. Reapply midday or as needed

If you still want your fragrance to last even longer, the easiest (and most natural) option is to reapply halfway through the day. For convenience, we offer all of our scents in portable Travel Spray sizes so you can easily leave your fragrance in a purse, desk drawer or wherever the day takes you.

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