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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Every Type of Mom
Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a challenge. Whether shopping for a mom, grandma or close friend celebrating her first Mother’s Day, we want to find something that shows our gratitude and makes the moms in our lives feel celebrated. 

Simply put, the best gifts are those with intention; the ones you know they’ll connect with and speak to their personalities.

Ahead, we’ve selected fragrances for your Mother’s Day gifting. Each scent is unique, so you’ll find something for everyone on your list. Now go ahead and spoil the women in your life.

For: the one who does it all
An effortless everyday scent for the supermom who’s always on the go. Milk- Personal is an easy-to-wear blend of soft Skin Musk, warm Cashmere Woods, sweet Amber and crisp Woods. This gentle amber stays close to the skin, so she can wear it at home, the office, and everywhere else life takes her.

For: the one who enjoys a bit of luxury
She’s a fan of shiny things, but the jewelry route seems too obvious. Gift her the decadent gift of bottled Gold to make her feel—and smell—like a million bucks. Gold Expressive is a warm gourmand blend of molten Amber, creamy Sandalwood and sweet Vanilla.

For: the one with a larger than life personality
She loves hosting holiday parties and going to happy hour. Give her something new for everyone to talk about during her next night out with Milk+ Bold. The deep, smoky scent of warm Cashmere Woods, sweet Amber, creamy Marshmallow and blazing Firewood is guaranteed to turn heads, and she’ll have you to thank.

For: the one who deserves flowers
She's your go-to phone call when you’re knee-deep in a complicated recipe, or when you accidentally washed a clothing item labeled “dry clean only.” Thank her for all the light she’s brought you by giving her some in return. Nectar is a bright bouquet of soft Neroli blossoms, sparkling citrus Fruits and sweet Honeysuckle.

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