What is Scent Space and Why You Should Care

What is Scent Space and Why You Should Care

Vicken Arslanian’s passion for fragrance is anything but ordinary.

He’s Commodity’s Brand Architect, and he’s been running the U.S.’ top niche fragrance distribution company for more than 20 years. During his tenure, he’s been pitched by thousands of brands—all of them intent on creating the best fragrance. 

While he’s encountered a spectrum of really terrific scents, his passion and unique perspective made him realize one key element that no one seemed to touch on: fragrance strength.

Fragrance strength and projection were fixed, a kind of one-scent-fits-all approach that often left people worrying whether their scents were too strong or not strong enough.

“I noticed that fragrance-wearers couldn’t get the full enjoyment or confidence boost from their scent because of an insecurity over how it was perceived,” Arslanian said. “So I took matters into my own hands.”

Twenty years later, that seed has blossomed into something the fragrance industry has never seen before: what we now call Scent Space.

The Trilogy

Although several people may like the same scent, they still want unique control over who around them gets to experience it. One person may want their fragrance to project to everyone in the room, while another may want that same fragrance to be only faintly noticeable.

So we expanded five of our most popular fragrances—plus a newcomer—into additional blends. The original scents have simply been renamed “Expressive,” which is considered by many to be the perfect balance of strength and projection.

The two new Scent Spaces are where the changes come in.

The lighter, “Personal” version is for those who want to reserve their scents for themselves, and the stronger, “Bold” version is for those who definitely don’t.

The Guide

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with Scent Space, you might be wondering how to determine which one is for you.

Read a bit more about each Scent Space below; does one resonate the best?

We’d recommend the Personal Scent Space for those who…

  • Enjoy lighter, more ethereal scents
  • Wear fragrances for themselves, not for others
  • Want fragrances that stay close to the skin
  • Often worry about how their scent will be perceived by others
  • Often get headaches from heavy scents

We’d recommend the
Expressive Scent Space for those who…

  • Enjoy our classic fragrances
  • Want scents that will entice those around them without overwhelming an area
  • Enjoy balanced fragrances that they can wear both for the workweek and the weekend

We’d recommend the
Bold Scent Space for those who…

  • Enjoy fragrances with darker, richer notes
  • Want their scent to make an impact on the whole room
  • Often find themselves overspraying a fragrance before they leave the house
  • Want to turn heads with their fragrance
  • Often worry that their scent won’t last

More Reasons to Care

Scent Space was created to give you the full confidence boost that should come from wearing fragrance. Your favorite scent should bring feelings of joy, not feelings of anxiety.

But in order to find the right fragrance, you’ll need to sample a few different scents on your skin. Sample a Scent Space—or all of them—with our Discovery Kits.

And if you’re a fan of the Archives, we have good news. You can vote for which Archive scent you want to see recreated into a Scent Space trilogy next.

Now allow yourself to reclaim the joy of wearing fragrance. Like Arslanian, your fragrance journey can now be anything but ordinary.

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