Scent Space vs. Fragrance Concentration: Is There a Difference?

Scent Space vs. Fragrance Concentration: Is There a Difference?
Is Scent Space the same as fragrance concentration?

Are the two even connected?

We’re setting the record straight.

Scent Space vs. Concentration
Scent Space is not a new term for concentration. We didn’t rebrand Parfums as Bold, Eau de Parfums as Expressive, nor Eau de Toilettes as Personal.

Scents with low concentrations tend to fade quickly, and just because someone wants a close projection doesn’t mean they’re willing to sacrifice scent longevity.

This is why all Scent Space fragrances have concentrations between 15% and 25%. In some cases, a Personal scent actually has a higher concentration than its Expressive counterpart (see guide below).

Scent Space simply refers to fragrance projection.

Now you might be asking: Then how does this work?

A Guide to Scent Space
A common practice in perfumery is creating Parfum and EDT versions of an existing EDP by increasing or decreasing the concentration level.

However, this would’ve been a disservice to Scent Space.

For the Personal scents, we didn’t remove anything. Instead, we added low-projection notes like Skin Musk and Iso E Super that wrap the scent close to the skin. 

For Bold, we added notes that naturally add projection like Smoke, Patchouli and Labdanum. Just because you dial-up the oil concentration, doesn’t mean you get the same great scent. Instead, it can throw off the entire balance of a composition. 

As a result of these added notes, you get three, unique interpretations of a fragrance that are all long-lasting scents in their own right.

The Takeaway
If you’re ever purchasing Commodity, keep Parfum, EDP, EDT, etc. out of mind; they don’t mean anything.

Instead, just ask yourself who around you should experience your scent, and try a Scent Space Kit. It’s really that simple.

Scent Space Concentration Guide
Paper- Personal: 20%
Paper Expressive: 24%
Paper+ Bold: 20%

Velvet- Personal: 15%
Velvet Expressive: 15%
Velvet+ Bold: 20%

Gold- Personal: 20%
Gold Expressive: 15%
Gold+ Bold: 25%

Book- Personal: 20%
Book Expressive: 15%
Book+ Bold: 25%

Moss- Personal: 20%
Moss Expressive: 15%
Moss+ Bold: 20%

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