A Seasonless Gift Guide for Every Special Event on Your Calendar

A Seasonless Gift Guide for Every Special Event on Your Calendar
It seems like there’s always something new on the calendar, from an upcoming special event to a holiday. And every celebration usually comes with the need for a gift.

Trying to gift fragrance may seem risky at first, especially if your giftee is new to (or picky with) scents. But gifting fragrance actually shows how well you know your giftee and the thought you put into finding their present. 

Ahead, we curated a guide of our go-to fragrance gifts, so you’ll have a gift idea no matter the next event on your calendar.

For an upcoming birthday…

Milk Expressive is a creamy, woody blend of Marshmallow, Mahogany Wood and Cold Milk. It’s also our number one bestseller, meaning it’s a surefire win for any giftee. 

When your anniversary is approaching…
Paper is the traditional one-year anniversary gift, so why not put a modern spin on the tradition? Paper Expressive, an elevated skin scent of Iso E Super, Cedarwood and Sandalwood is a fan favorite, so it's sure to wow no matter what year you’re commemorating.

If you’re a bride-to-be…
If you’re planning a wedding and want a unique gift for your bridesmaids, look no further than Gold- Personal. The gourmand scent feels warm and yummy, but light and ethereal enough that’ll easily blend in next to you at the altar.

Or perhaps an upcoming groom…

Ask your favorite people to be at your side on the big day with an Expressive Discovery Kit. The Kit includes 2ml samples of our Expressive Scent Space Collection, so they can enjoy the experience of finding a favorite. The Kit also comes with a 15% off code for any full-size fragrance, so they can show off their new scent on the big day.

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