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Want a Fresh Scent for Spring? Our Tips for Discovering the Perfect One

Want a Fresh Scent for Spring? Our Tips for Discovering the Perfect One
Spring is (unofficially) the most anticipated season of the year.

The heavy layers and winter chill are finally gone, and we’re able to crack open the windows for some fresh air, spend more time outdoors, and trade in our winter wardrobe for something a bit lighter.

Our fragrance choice is another ritual that often changes with spring. The deep, opulent scents of winter are often swapped for something light and fresh that mirrors the season.

If you’re looking for a new spring scent, here are our tips to guide your nose toward the perfect one.

Look for fragrances that mimic nature.
Good candidates include notes of bright greens, sweet florals, juicy citrus and fresh herbs. Like spring, these notes evoke a sense of renewal and invigoration. Start with notes you’re already familiar with as a first step in the right direction.

Find scents that intuitively remind you of your favorite pastimes.
Out of all five senses, smell is most strongly connected to memory. If your childhood consisted of tossing on rain boots and jumping in puddles, look for a fragrance with a dewy aquatic note. If you always preferred to be around trees and nature, choose a fragrance that’s more green and earthy.

Go Personal.
If your signature scent doesn’t have any traditional “spring” notes, or if you’re interested in a lighter fragrance for spring, try the same scent in its Personal rendition. 

Personal scents have the same familial identity as their Expressive and Bold counterparts, but were recreated by infusing light, molecular notes to decrease their projection. Notes used in Personal scents like Skin Musk and Iso E Super are light, airy and perfect for spring.

Follow our recommendations.
Look at your current dailywear scents as a guide. If a floral fragrance is in your rotation because you can’t get enough of a certain bloom, or you already stay away from citrus, follow what you know does (and doesn’t) work.

But if you’re still not sure where to start, we created a spring fragrance guide with hand-picked recommendations.

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