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Gold Expressive is The Perfect Vanilla Fragrance–Here's Why

Gold Expressive is The Perfect Vanilla Fragrance–Here's Why

Vanilla fragrances are trending again, but these scents actually make a timeless staple for any fragrance wardrobe. Rich and comforting, they deserve to be worn long after the trend disappears. With so many Vanilla scents out there, the key is finding your perfect one.

At Commodity, we look to the Gold Scent Space to satisfy our Vanilla craving. Here’s why…

An Elevated Vanilla 

Vanilla perfumes undoubtedly have a nostalgic quality about them, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to smell like a sticky-sweet dessert in order to experience it. Certain Vanillas can still conjure up a cherished memory, but they’re combined with other notes to curate a modernized version.

These mature Vanillas feel rich and sophisticated, and “Gold” was created to capture that. Gold Expressive, our original, fan-favorite version, blends Vanilla with molten Amber and creamy Sandalwood for a decadent, unisex gourmand.

Backed by Byrdie

Byrdie, the expert-backed beauty and style e-publication, recently ranked Gold Expressive as the best classic Vanilla. Here’s what they had to say:

A Vanilla for Everyone

Fragrance is subjective. You won’t like the same scents as everyone else, and someone else’s scent might be too strong (or not strong enough) for your liking. Thus, Gold Expressive might not be for you. But if you’re still hoping for a Vanilla fragrance, Gold comes in two other versions. Gold- Personal is a soft, Vanilla-based skin scent with the added note of Iso E Super. Gold+ Bold is a powerhouse projection with added Nutmeg, Saffron and Patchouli. Gold Expressive is their balanced middle ground. All 3 can be sampled in our Gold Scent Space Kit.

Hear what a Lover, Hater, and the Maker of Gold all have to say about the Vanilla scent:

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