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How to Find the Perfect Fragrance for Your Wedding Day

How to Find the Perfect Fragrance for Your Wedding Day
Among the many decisions a bride and groom make for their wedding, choosing day-of fragrances may seem low on the priority list. Fragrance, however, can be one of the most meaningful decisions to make for the big day.

Not only is scent closely tied to both memory and emotion, but it’s also the strongest sense.

Perhaps fresh Cedar takes you back to summer camp or warm Cinnamon reminds you of your grandmother’s holiday baking. Intentionally choosing a new fragrance for your wedding day will allow new scent memories to form in the same way.

And unlike other wedding keepsakes, fragrance is a vanity item that you can continually grab for to evoke these feelings. Find the perfect scent to wear on your wedding day—and the perfect scent to come back to for years to come—with the tips below.

Consider Any Deeper Meanings
Symbolism is often scattered throughout a wedding—sometimes only noticeable to the bride and groom—which can easily extend to their fragrance choices. 

Rose is a staple at many weddings, since it represents love and romance, and Rain on your wedding day is a traditional sign of good luck.

You can also look for influence through more of a personal connection. Choose to wear the same gender-neutral scent for a constant reminder of your bride or groom.

Follow Your Nose
Amidst any deeper meanings, be sure your scent stays true to you. Do this by experimenting with notes you already know and enjoy.

Your wedding scent should be an entirely new addition to your fragrance wardrobe, but it should still represent you. Ask yourself how you want to feel and what image you hope to present on your wedding day.

Consider notes you currently wear or what smells good when you test it on skin, not what you think you should wear or what’s “in trend.”

Play On Your Surroundings
Where and when you get married can also be factors to consider. 

A springtime garden wedding would pair well with a fragrance from the 
Moss Scent Space, with notes of Bergamot, Petitgrain and Oakmoss. On the other hand, a fall estate wedding would pair well with the Gold Scent Space, with its warm, luxurious notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber.

Brides and grooms having daytime weddings may gravitate toward lighter scents, while those getting married at night may lean toward something headier and with more of a sillage.

Keep in mind all the dancing and chatting you’ll do at your wedding. If you want your scent to make more of an impact, consider its Expressive or Bold version. If you’d like to reserve your scent for hugging family members and leaning in for the first kiss, keep it Personal.

In the end, when you find the scent that makes you feel confident and that you can’t get enough of, you’ll know you found The One.

Photo via 
Liz Andolina Photography

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