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We'll email you in January with the Zoom event link.

In the meantime, add the Masterclass to your calendar: Monday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. EST.

You can shop the Exploration Kit ahead of the event below.

Exploration Kit
Exploration Kit

Exploration Kit

We’ve created Scent Space so that you can choose your ideal projection among our fragrances: a closely-projecting Personal, a noticeably unique Expressive, and a room-filling Bold version.

This bestselling Kit includes samples of all 3 Scent Space collections for a full introduction to Commodity, so that you can find your scent and your Scent Space.

*Every Discovery Kit purchased on our site includes a digital discount code for the full price of the Kit to be applied towards your next purchase of a full-size 100mL fragrance on our site.

**This Discovery Kit does not contain Juice.