Meet Scent Space

No more wondering who is (or isn’t) experiencing your fragrance. Here, you can take control of your scent's projection with three distinct versions: a closely-projecting Personal-, a noticeably unique Expressive, and a room-filling Bold+.

One Scent, Three Projections

With our Scent Space collection, you can choose whether your fragrance stays close to your skin, turns heads, or falls somewhere in between. Every fragrance comes in 3 Scent Spaces:

A soft, intimately-projecting skin scent that invites closeness.

A balanced, noticeable projection that makes a mark, not a scene.

A powerful, room-filling projection that stands out.

A Scent for Every Space

To be noticed by you and the few you allow close, Scent Space Personal- is the most subdued projection for an open-concept office, date nights, or lounging at home.

To be noticed by you and the many around you, Scent Space Expressive is a popular choice for everyday outings, dinner with friends, and weekends away.

To be noticed by you and everyone else, Bold+ makes its presence known in crowded rooms and special occasions, turning heads wherever you go.

Practically-Free Discovery Kits

Filled with samples and designed to help you find a new favorite fragrance, Discovery Kit prices are fully redeemable off your next full-size (100mL) purchase.

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