The Scent Space Collection

Fragrance isn't one-scent-fits-all.

Some people wear fragrances only for themselves—preferring scents that are discrete, close to the skin, only to be noticed by the ones they allow close. Others prefer a statement fragrance—scents that fill the room with their presence, to be noticed by everyone else. And of course, there are the people that fall somewhere in between—preferring scents that will land them compliments within their immediate radius and without overwhelming any space.

With this in mind, each Commodity fragrance is available in three different Scent Space concentrations—Personal, Expressive, and Bold—so that you can find your favorite fragrance in your preferred Scent Space.

Select a Scent Space:

Ideal if you prefer a subtle, intimate fragrance only to be noticed by you and the ones you allow close. These lighter, molecular renditions only have a whisper of their 'Expressive' counterpart and embody the concept of less is more. Soft, ethereal and luxurious, there's no need to worry about how others are experiencing your fragrance.


The Expressive collection marks our starting point.  This collection is considered by many to be the perfect balance of longevity and projection. These fragrances will make a statement without overpowering any space. To be noticed by you and the many around you, these are your effortless, everyday scents.


There is no modesty when it comes to the Bold collection. These are amplified renditions of their 'Expressive' counterpart and embody the concept of more is more. Strong, statement scents that will grab attention and make a statement as they fill the room with your presence, these are for you and everyone else.